Why The Bible?

For generations the Bible has helped people through difficult times. It describes the human condition and very authentic life situations. In it we can find comfort and hope. Yes, times have changed. Nevertheless human struggles, at their core remain the same.

The Bible as God's word is the foundation of my work as a Christian counsellor. My goal is to come to understand where you are hurting, how you are hurting and why you are hurting so that we can look at the bible together to see how God speaks to that and how he offers to meet you and help you.  

The long term goal is to give you tools from the scripture that will enable you to handle life's problems with God's help and in your own environment so that you no longer need me. I offer Biblical Counselling in Ireland in Longford or alternatively online.

Who can come for christian counselling?

I am happy to work with anybody who is willing to approach their difficulties through the lens of scripture regardless of whether or not you already know much about the Bible and God. Nor does it matter what kind of church you attend or if you don't attend any. All you need is an open mind to hear how the bible speaks to your concerns.

I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose anybody or treat any illnesses. However, I am more than happy to support and help people with illnesses.

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